Writing and Tattoo Exercises

Cynthia Von Buhler put up a lovely photo of Colleen AF Venable’s  connect the dots tattoo. Go have a look see, then come back here and let’s have a little fun. Tell me what connect the dots tattoo you would get and where you would put it. I would probably have Ingres’s Violin by Man Ray on my back. If I was daring enough, perhaps I would get the monstrous insect that Gregor Samsa turned into. Once you connect the dots, it turns real and is doomed to scurry about my limbs looking for safe exit.  Oh wait, that’s turning into a short story.

Speaking of stories, if you’re looking for inspiration, travel to Abandoned America. Pick a building, and write a 500-1,000 word tale about the place.

Stanley Fish, Antaeus, and the Tea Party

So, if you haven’t read this opinion piece concerning how the left deals with the tea party, methinks you should. I agree with Fish that we must begin talking to each other as equals, and use language once again as  means to persuade. After all, I think that true persuasion is seduction, it’s luring others to at least see your point of view all the while making them feel safe.  The moment we call the other side stupid or ignorant, we not only turn them away from any conversation, we strengthen barrier that holds the line between “us” and “them.” Sigh. I don’t know a way around it, but I think that it must go back to some kind of language of grace and mercy. Exactly what that looks like, I don’t know. I think peeps like Jim Wallis of Sojourners are trying to find common ground while still standing firm on behalf of those who are oppressed in this country. We’ll see what shakes out in November.


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